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Getting Closer to Your Desired Look

The road to recovery after Bariatric surgery is long. The process of how you see yourself and how others see you takes time to adjust to. With massive weight loss, additional steps may be needed to achieve your desired look. Eating right and staying focused on fitness are key components of maintaining a healthy lifestyle before and after Bariatric surgery. The following outline what you need to know about follow-up body contouring procedures. Here is a look at some of the procedures you may consider:

Arm lift

An arm lift or brachioplasty can help you get rid of what you may know as "bat wings". This procedure help in giving your arms a more defined look.

The Body Lift

A body lift is great for those that have maintained a stable weight for 6-12 months while maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regimen. This procedure can help improve the appearance of thighs, buttocks, and abdomen after major weight loss.

The Bra-Line Back Lift

With the scare being hid below your bra-line, this procedure can help with a more smooth appearance of the back.

Post-Bariatric Facelift

When focused on a total body change with Bariatric surgery, the face is a very important component of it all. Dramatic weight-loss can require facelift procedures to help align the look of the face with the rest of the body. A post-bariatric facelift may be a great option if wanting to feel better about your face.

Buttock implant/fat injections/butt lifts

Returning firmness and shape to your buttocks is a great way to help contour the look of the body. Buttock implants, fat injections, or butt lifts can help you get an improved look for your buttocks area.

Corset Trunkplasty

Corset trunkplasty removes excess skin in the abdominal area. The procedure is designed to create a more contoured torso for both men and women. This a great way to achieve a smooth and contoured look in the core.


A panniculectomy removes hanging fat located under the abdomen for a massive weight loss. This procedure is designed to removes excessive weight and fat but not for tightening muscles.

The options listed above can help support your Bariatric surgery and your path to the look you desire. Keep in mind that following your nutrition and fitness plan are key before and after any procedures.


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