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5 Ways to Get Closer to the New You!

5 Ways to Get Closer to the New You!

Before getting started on the journey to a healthy lifestyle, it can be very difficult at times to imagine one’s self, being happy and healthy. The truth is, you deserve to be happy and healthy. Getting your brain ready for healthy living is just as important as getting your body ready. Part of training your mind that you are worthy is conquering your fears of being lesser than and overcoming self-esteem issues. During your weight-loss journey and transformation, you will have some hard days and your patience will be tested. However, the following steps can help you stay on the right track as well as help you get closer to the new you.

1.) IMAGINE THE NEW HEALTHIER YOU!- Even if you aren’t the best artist, grab a sheet of scratch paper and start to draw what you would like the new you to look like. Write out words that describe how you would like to feel each day after you have started your fitness journey. Visualizing your new life can help you visualize the plan.

2.) BUY A PRETTY JOURNAL-Stores such as TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Dollar General, Walmart, and even local thrift stores have great notebooks and journals for reasonable prices. Split your journal into 4 sections. You can do so by taking a piece of clear tape and folding it over the page of the section that you have divided out. The first portion of the journal should be your feelings. Write down how you feel each day when you first wake up. Give yourself 5 minutes of peace to outline your feelings and how you will make the day great! The next portion of the journal is for you to keep a diary of your food. This will allow you to hold yourself accountable for staying on track with your desired meal plan. The third portion of your journal should be your goal statements. Write out the goals that you want to achieve. The fourth portion of the journal should be what you are doing to get closer to those goals. You may find that you need to purchase a new journal every few months depending on the thickness of the journal but don’t stop journaling. A year from now, you can turn your trials and triumphs into a masterpiece of a real-life journey and if you like, you can potentially share with others so that they can be inspired by your journey.

3.) TAKE A BREATH- Self-care does not have to be pricey. Taking 10 minutes every 3 hrs. to just stop and breathe slowly can reduce your stress levels and help you stay focused. Utilize Google to see which gyms, churches, or local community centers offer cheap or low priced Yoga Classes. To get you started, here is a list of free online yoga classes.

4.) DARE TO DREAM- Have you ever wanted to try something different but you did not because someone discouraged you? Try visiting YouTube for free tutorials on how to do something that you always wanted to learn to do. Hold yourself accountable for making time 3 times per week to learn more about that topic or craft. Keep learning it and keep perfecting it. You never know, it could become a new revenue stream!

5.) START FORMULATING YOUR STYLE- As you lose weight, your fashion and style choices may change. Utilize a portion of your spare time to research fashion options and providers that align with your desired looks. Utilizing a website such a Pinterest is a great way to start to create fashion boards for your dream look. Remember, the more you envision how you would like things to be, the more achievable they become.

Getting your life on track and keeping it on track will be key to you becoming the new you and walking into your new lifestyle of healthy eating, fitness, and better health. Taking time for yourself and taking time to dream will help you envision your new life and get yourself ready for it. The journey to weight-loss will be a hard one but worth the work. You can do this! Dare to dream! You deserve the life you want!


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