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How to Stay On-Track During The Holidays

The holidays are a wonderful time for family, friends, good food and lots of laughs. Between the laughter in a kitchen full of old stories or the snores of a loved one that has managed to take over your favorite seat on the couch, the holidays are ultimately a break from the normal day to day struggles. The holidays allow us to forget for just a moment what time we have to be back to work, what assignments are due, or the to-do list of chores that has been getting longer by the day. The holidays are a time for comfort and peace.

One of the most comforting things about the holidays is the large selection of food. Between your favorite dishes that you look forward to every year or a new recipe that you found on Pinterest, food is the glue that bonds the holiday experience together. Unfortunately, excessive amounts of the food can take you off-track from your daily meal plan and have you feeling guilty the next day. The following are steps to help you stay on track for the holiday season:

  1. Instead of large portions of your favorite dishes, try much smaller portions so that you can enjoy the taste but not as many calories.

  2. Make a healthy salad full of your favorite vegetables, nuts, fruits, and greens. Like this one from “Crème De La Crumb”.

  3. If you are making collard greens or cabbage, substitute smoked turkey instead of pork. You can even avoid all meat and add flavor using vegetable bouillon. Try this recipe from “Divas Can Cook”.

  4. If you love sweet potato pie, try this fancy styled version from “Cotter Crunch”.

  5. Dressing is a holiday favorite for many but it can pack calories. Try this healthier version from “Laloosh”.

  6. Tired of Cranberry Sauce from a can? Try this tasty version with less sugar from “The Foodie and the Fix”.

  7. Satisfy your mashed potato craving with this side of tasty mashed cauliflower from “Bites of Flavor”.

Finally, start the day and end the day with a 10-minute walk with a few loved ones. It’s a great way to get fresh air as well as walk off some of the calories from the day. This brisk walk will also help you sleep better in the evening and forget about not being able to sleep in your own bed if you have traveled far from home. Have a happy holiday!


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