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How to Manage Your Time Like a Champ

On the road to weight loss, one of the most difficult challenges is being able to make time to meal prep, work-out, meditate, and relax. In order to maximize your time, you have to design a process to best achieve these results. Make time for Meal Prep The easiest way to create time for meal preparation is by selecting the day prior to the start of your week based on your work schedule. For many, this would be Sunday but for those with non-traditional work schedules, it may be a different day. Carve out 2-3 hrs of time to prepare and package your meals for the week. You can save time by selecting recipes based on online research and by creating your grocery list during your lunch break the week prior and picking up your list on the way home from work. Take advantage of click & order grocery options so that you can just pull up and grab your order to save time. If you don’t mind the fees, you can also use grocery delivery services such as Amazon or InstaCart. Use your 2-3 hrs to make and package your meals. Don’t forget to portion out snacks too! Make Time for Working Out Your day should begin or end with a workout. If you workout at the start of your day, it will provide you with energy throughout the day. If you work out at the end of the day, it can help release stress from the day and potentially help you sleep better. Selecting workout times and building them into your calendar can help you prioritize workouts as you would any other appointment. Make Time to Meditate Two beneficial times to meditate would be on your lunch break to relieve mid-day stress and while laying in bed. Try these helpful YouTube videos for meditation. Using your calendar app and selecting real times for meal prep, working out and meditation can help you stay on track and reduce stress levels.

Making time for your health and wellness is key. Take out time to take care of yourself because you only get one you.


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