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5 Steps to Stay On-Track: New Year's Resolutions Can Be Made Any Day of the Year-Don’t Wait to B

How many times have you heard: “I’m going to start my diet after the New Year.” “I just have to make it through the holidays and then I will get on-track.” “I’m just too far away from my goal now to get started.”? These are all many of the statements that we may hear around and or shortly after the first of the year. When you visit local gyms and fitness studios, classes are packed. People start to renew expired studio memberships and even may have a well-decorated vision board full of clippings from their favorite articles that outline their dream life. But what happens when we all lose sight of the vision boards and are just too beat to make time for fitness? We start to make excuses and feel like we may not have the support that we need. The following are steps that you can take to stay on-track:

1.) Put working out on your calendar-Treat your workout just like any other money generating appointment. Your return on investment is your health and reduced stress.

2.) Blend it in-If you can’t make it to the gym, use the stairs in your home or workplace as a workout source. You can also take a brief walk around your home or workplace. An average of 2,000 steps adds up to a 100-calorie deficit for the day, which, over a year, can add up to 10 pounds lost.

3.) Set-goals and keep a food diary. You can use MyFitnessPal to track your food intake, steps, workouts, water intake and more for free. This will not only keep you aware of what you are eating and the impact of your workouts but also hold you accountable for staying on-track with your goals.

4.) Give your mind a break. Plug-in headphones to your phone and listen to your favorite podcast, audio book or music while to take a walk. Comedy shows are great during walks to add a little fun and humor to your day.

5.) Make fitness fun by starting with workouts that you enjoy such as a slow walk and build your way up to more intense workouts.

In addition to following these steps, try Synovia Wellness Consulting. Synovia Wellness Consulting focuses on personal and group classes as well as seminars. Synovia Wellness Consulting is a multi-faceted wellness consulting firm dedicated to crafting the most effective and efficient exercise and stretch protocols for our clients. They focus on whole body integration which allows their knowledgeable staff to craft only the best personalized programs. Their team of Exercise and Cardiopulmonary Physiologists, as well as Dietitians, work together to develop a program for you that will give you the very best chance at success. At Synovia, they also work closely with allied healthcare professionals and businesses of all sizes to develop programs that address adverse postural issues, sore achy joints, and tense musculature which leads to increased productivity, positive moods and healthier, happier team members. Moreover, they are the only wellness consultant firm in the south that works with Bariatric patients both pre and post op to assist with increasing their overall quality of life through specialized exercises and rehabilitation methods.

In conclusion, owning your health and fitness will be key to maintaining a healthy and happier lifestyle. Don’t let a particular day determine when you get started. Start today!


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