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How to Find Your Style After Bariatric Surgery

Congratulations! You have just made it an entire 9 months after your Bariatric Surgery! High five for conquering your new diet filled with tasty low carb yet high protein foods. You have mastered your work-out plan and portion control. Most of all, you are feeling great about having more energy and the changes in your body. Now that you are closer to your weight loss goals, it is time to align your fashion with your new look! Here are a few steps to help you save with staying stylish:

1.) Organize your items by size. If you have smaller clothing from years prior that still aligns with your fashionable eye, hold on to it because you may be fitting into it soon. As for the larger sizes, donate them or give to a friend. Consignment is another great option and helps provide more money to spend on new clothes.

2.) Don't buy too much! It's going to be tempting to do but you will continue to lose weight potentially for the next few years. Therefore, buy pieces that can be easily interchanged such as solid colored jeans, pants, jackets, and tops. Accessorize for pops of color using scarves, jewelry, and shoes.

3.) Don't jump ahead! It may be tempting to guess your next size. However, you may lose even more than expected. Therefore, do not purchase additional smaller clothes until you need them.

4.) Join blogs, Facebook Groups, and sites for those going through the process. Not only can it be great support but also an opportunity to swop clothes with your other new fashionable friends.

5.) Choosing athletic wear for casual wear is also a great option because in most cases it is stretchy. Nice leggings matched with a flowing blouse and scarf of necklace is a great way to be comfortable, fashionable and extend the life of your wardrobe. Athletic lose fitting pants with a relaxed top is also another option for comfort and style. If you have a little free time, picking up a part-time job at a your favorite clothing store is a great way to save and meet new people.

These five tips are designed for you to have fun while transitioning into the new you. Remember the clothes don't make you. You make the clothes. Therefore, love yourself and let the new you shine through!


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