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Fashion choices can be both an exciting as well as intimidating experience when traveling through your weight-loss journey. Factors such as weight, weight change, budget, and self-esteem can impact the energy exerted towards fashion and overall body image. This article will walk you through several places you can visit for fashion inspiration as you embrace and love your body.

  1. Shun Melson- A fashion is a stylist, designer, styling coach and more. She helps you look and feel fabulous regardless of size. Ranging in sizes XS-4X, Shun can help point you in the right direction. Learn more here.

  2. Stich Fix-Not Only helps you find your style but the delivery clothing to you. You are able to select the styles that you like and send back what you don’t. Learn more about how it works here.

  3. Full Beauty offers a variety of trends for sizes 12-44. You can browse online for options that align with your desired look.

  4. Pinterest- If you need help formulating your look and you don’t want to hire a stylist, try using Pinterest and then ordering pieces online that align with the look. You can find plus size fashion styles here on Pinterest.

  5. A great way to help enhance your fashion skills is by learning from blog posts. This blog post from The Curvy Fashionista is especially helpful when determining the right style for your shape.

  6. Buzzfeed has also found some very stylish sources for men. Check out these brands that make fun and stylish fashion for men.

  7. Polyvore is also a fun way to get inspiration for style. The site has many fun combinations of tops, bottoms, shoes and accessories to keep you looking modern while not breaking the bank. Learn more here.

  8. also has an awesome selection of affordable fashions up to 5X offering both style and great pricing. Learn more here.

  9. KingSIzeDirect offers quality men’s fashions up to 9X and you are able to place orders online. Check out their styles here

  10. The Winston Box is a subscription service offered to men that allows you to select your style, a style box is sent to you and you can send back what you don’t want. Styles going up to 6X. Check them out!

Thanks to the internet, having access to style and stylists tips is readily available at your fingertips. You just have to know where to start. These sites are just a few to get you started on your path to feeling great about fashion. Be on the look-out for more tips on the blog.


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